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A J James


A highly proficient and talented young acrobat, escapologist, tumbler, stilt-walker, juggler, unicyclist, roller-blader, skateboarder and break-dancer!


An intense high energy act which will pull an enormous audience anywhere and involves a great deal of audience participation.

Better Halves


An internationally renowned acrobatic balancing and clown act, Jo and Jake have applied their skills to a series of hilarious, off-the-wall sketches. Ideal for corporate, parties, festivals and street events. As well as Acrobatics, Better Halves provide statues.

Black Eagles


Acrobatic and tumbling troupe.

The Black Eagles are an acrobatic troupe originating from Tanzania, but now living in the UK.

Their show combines incredible acrobatic skill and energetic dance, and is accompanied a lively music track. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor performance, their show is joyful and uplifting. Enjoyed by people of all ages, the sheer skill and energy of The Black Eagles acrobatic show will take your breath away.

Bongo Bolero


Bongo Bolero's stunning and hilarious acrobatic shows include:

Bongo Bolero

A 10-minute stage show that introduces Penny and Bernie. A couple who have been on the variety circuit for too many seasons. A comedy involving small hair attachments and very big egos. Excruciatingly funny, highly skilled and dangerous.

Bongo Bolero's Adagio Cabaret

Penny and Bernie's 45-minute street theatre show that has toured the UK, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.

De Ramos


A high-energy Show, including Power Tumbling,

Knife Diving and Stunt Acrobatics.


Performed to a modern upbeat sound track,

De Ramos Acrobats offer their audiences an action packed performance combining skill with danger!


A breath taking Performance, which is guaranteed

to bring excitement to any event!

Desiree Kongerod


Fabulous Norwegian ex-Gymnast. Now performing as contortionist, aerialist and dancer


Trapeze: static, doubles and flying: Silks

Abseiling, Rappelling, Webspin, Hoop, Stilts, Contortionist, Contemporary Dance, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Cheerleading, Ice-skating, Skiing, Acting, Choreography


Dream State Circus


World renowned, international award winning duo





"Mimbre is a contemporary acrobatic company consisting of three women and energy enough to power the national grid".


With their selection of shows, 'The Bridge', 'Sprung' and the walkabout 'Momento', Mimbre offer an exciting and enchanting physical performance with flawless acrobatic work

No Strings Attached


Amazing acro-balance duo, who also perform a stunning fire routine with pyrotechnics and fire staffs.


Rubber Ritchie


Richard Rosson (Rubber Ritchie) has transformed some of the yogic asanas into an act, and performs to astonished audiences on the streets of Covent Garden in London. He was quickly snapped up by the Circus of Horrors which took him on tour to the north of England and Scotland. Since then he has performed at a variety of corporate events, high class hotels, promotional events, clubs, festivals and television around the UK. He has also performed in Ireland, Germany and Italy.



Scarabeus is an award-winning company and one of the foremost exponents of multi-disciplinary performance. Using visual theatre, stilts, abseiling, dance and acrobatics, the company has taken an outstanding position towards raising the quality and reputation of performance happening outside conventional spaces. Their performances have been staged outdoors and indoors and have been enjoyed by theatre and non-theatre goers alike both in the UK and internationally.




Tumbellina are an acrobatic troupe producing original & highly visual shows for live events.


The Snowglobe:


The Snowglobe attracts large audiences across the world.

Watch as two amazing acrobats perform high-balances and beautiful ballet lifts inside this giant inflatable snowglobe. The show complete with falling glitter, lighting & beautiful costuming will amaze your guests. It is unlike any other acrobatic act on the international market.




A stunning acrobatic act on a revolving stage!


Two acrobats perform spectacular acrobatic balances whilst rotating on their own revolving stage. Your guests will be captivated as they demonstrate fantastic gymnastic skill with beautiful choreography.



John Blanchard has performed internationally, delighting audiences with his unique synthesis of dazzling spectacle and vibrant music. In darkness, pierced only by fluorescent props and costumes, the viewer is transported into a world of fantastic colour, flowing choreography, and an awe-inspiring exhibition of skill



To say that Wim and Michelle from the West Country are multi-talented is an understatement – they are practically a two person circus! Both juggle, are great acrobats and stiltwalkers and they perform an impressive fire show. In addition, Wim does an amazing slack-rope act using members of the public to hold his rope and Michelle spins hula hoops (including fire hoops).

They are very interactive and happy to adapt their act to fit your theme.