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Bruce and his balloon


Bruce, clad only in shorts, inflates a six foot balloon, into which he disappears bit by bit. Once inside he dances, protruding hands and feet.

Then comes the climax. To a countdown the act ends with the bursting of the balloon, to reveal Bruce fully dressed – as Santa Claus!


Booking Ref: LJ1

Rockin' Robins!


Watch with delight as these two cheeky chirpy red-breasted robins spread Christmas cheer, with their fancy footwork and joy of jiving. Encouraging passers-by to give each other a Christmas kiss under their giant dangling mistletoe (and causing much hilarity in the process!) the robins come with their own music, so they can break into a boogie wherever they go!





Booking ref: BE2



Poor Robin Redbreast is being chased by the evil Snow Queen, who roams around on her snowmobile, trying to charm the audience in to telling her where he is! After some panto ‘he’s behind you!’ and plenty of encouragement to boo the villainous queen, will she successfully trap our feathered friend?


With fairytale costumes and an amazing snow buggy, Snowbiz is a wonderfully wintry walkabout.



Booking Ref: BE3

Dragon Eye


This show is performed by a group of highly trained fire artists. Each, a true master with his or her own skills.

They use contemporary inspiration and the element of fire is presented in a multitude of forms to create a blend of light and dance. With Professional stunt artists & members of the Guinness Book of Records for fire performing, this show is designed with the Wow factor in mind.

This 4-6 person fire show includes a variety of exciting fiery tools and techniques, including, acrobatics, highly skilled fire stunts, stage pyrotechnics, and displays of dance and martial arts.

If you wish we can add contortion and aerial. The show has been fully choreographed to music and lasts 15mins. The artists create together really stunning effects throughout and ends with a real Spectacular finale!

The Good-O-Meter


"With the enormous increase in the number of children Father Christmas has just got too busy to check the list a second time. To solve this problem he has sent out the Elves with their Goodometer (a behavioural monitoring machine) to check as many as possible. Simply place your hand on the front plate and the machine will light up the appropriate category good, borderline or bad!

Magical Christmas fun."


Booking Ref: FP2

The Grannies at Christmas!


Hilarious walkabout with high-speed grannies out to do their Christmas shopping!


Booking Ref: LA1

Frozanne and Thawed


Famous aerial and character stilt actor, Mark Tate, has some dramatic seasonal characters for this Winter.

Frozanne, is the mistress of the Arctic world and the newest addition to winter themed act ‘Thawed’. Covered in hundreds of hand sewn crystal beads, icicles and snowflakes, she epitomizes Winter and is watched over by her two protectors, ‘Frostbite’ and ‘Yeti’ . . ‘Frostbite is a beautiful jewelled Ice Lion on quad-peg stilts and ‘Yeti’, a snow beast bounding around on the bouncing stilts.


Booking Ref: MT2



"For Rimski, life has many dilemmas, solo or duet? church or cabaret? ruin or fame? hell.....or Swindon? One thing is certain: he has a long way to go on the piano."



A roving piano - and pianist! Now with lights for dark evenings!






Booking Ref: RP1




These statuesque, expansive costumes are illuminated by hundreds of blinking points of bright light, and look equally stunning in strong daylight or darkness. Optioscopes can appear as a wandering act, performing individually or in unison wearing their own music boxes if required. They can also perform fully choreographed stage shows. Shows are arranged to fit the event with a wide variety of head-dresses available, and the costumes include removable detail panels which can be swapped or removed to create a multitude of different looks.


Booing Ref: DV1

The Temperance Society at Christmas


Ever fearful of the festive frivolities The Temperance Society is on a mission to keep you on the straight & narrow this Yuletide season.

So if you're drowning in a sea of depravity then clamber aboard the lifeboat of morality!

With a rustle of crinoline and a crackle of starch they'll dust down your decorum, stiffen your backbone, and sort out your p's from your q's.

Arriving in a whirlwind of petticoats, these Victorian crusaders are the very model of virtue in these times of excess! Available as a two-five person walkabout show.





Booking Ref:  CC05

Christmas Statues


A selection of Christmas Statues.


Booking Ref: ST



Liver Cottage Christmas



Live Cooking ‘Al Tesco’!

The comedy chefs Hugh Fearn and Lee Whittingstall present a cookery demonstration like no other.

As the mobile kitchen garden moves through the crowds they create ‘fusion food on the move’, blending home grown ingredients with food foraged from the corner shop,the streets and of course the audience.

Their signature dish Pan Fried Pizza Crusts with Medallions of Air Dried Chewing Gum has been hailed by the critics as “Groundbreaking’’, “Audacious’’ and “Chewy’’ .

Blurring the boundaries between ‘traditional’ and ‘contemporary’, ‘urban’ and ‘rural’, ‘fresh’ and ‘best before June 1972’, the Liver Cottage chefs stick to their motto...

“Don’t leave anyone wanting more!”

Booking Ref:  FFF9

The Glitter Belles!


A stunning new creation.


These sculptural characters inspired by 1970's disco combined with avant-garde fashion are designed for impact, whether ground based serving drinks, on stilts glitter sprinkling or ripping up the dance floor the Glitter Belles will create a stir.

Each costume has in built lights which give off a glamorous glow and LEDs create a shimmering mirror ball effect from the headdress.





Booking Ref: SHP2

Sonic Santa


This classic Christmas character, now in his tenth year, provides a superb hover illusion popular with all the family.

With his retro styling and spacey good looks he appeals to the young and old, from fans of ‘Futurama’ to those of ‘Dan Dare’.

Advanced, false-leg technology, means Santa is a great mover, able to work on any surface and in any situation.

With his flying machine completely rebuilt for 2012 this versatile mix- and-mingle will add magic to any event. He is ideally suited to xmas light switch-ons, processions and parades.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Sonic Santa!!



Booking Ref: GP01


Santa's Spectacular



This themed hoop extravaganza is perfect for Christmas celebrations. It is a trio acro-balance and hula hoop act performed to a classic Christmas song megamix, with many original moves and comic touches. A high-energy, technically skilled, tongue-in-cheek number performed in cheeky Santa costumes.





Booking Ref: SSPH01

Giant Musical Snowman


The giant snowman carries a Victorian musician who plays a selection of Christmas tunes on ukulele and tuba. Lots of fun.


Booking Ref: JR1

Christmas Belles


Hand Bells chiming with Yuletide cheer, the Charming Christmas

Belles bring A warm and festive image to put a smile on every face.


Booking Ref:  WR2

UV Hula Hooping


A mere doodle on paper come to life, join this animated stick figure girl as she hoops and jives across the stage to that fabulous Louis Prima track ‘I ain’t got Nobody’. Revealing more and more hoops as she goes, stick figure girl deftly manipulates 1 through to 6 hoops on different parts of the body at the same time. She will do the seemingly impossible by hooping a triangle and a square!

It’s a visual feast of hooping tricks.


Booking Ref: AH1

2 Wise Men


Having lost their wisest man, the remaining two wise men have set it upon themselves to recruit a substitute third wise man.

Are you wise enough to join them? But it’s never easy to pass the tough tests of wisdom that they set whilst at the same time laughing at the hilarious gags and ridiculous props that they are armed with. The 2 wise men collar members of public (male or female, young and old) and quiz them with a barrage of trick questions and bizarre brainteasers to see if they have what it takes to be a wise man.

Fantastic costumes. massive beards and a pythonesque quality makes this walkabout act a real festive hit at any occasion.


Booking Ref: AM2

Joy Riding Reindeer


Meet Basher and Crasher, the cud chewin’, fun lovin’, hoovy groovy reindeer. Whilst Santa wasn’t looking (probably scoffing mince pies and supping that whiskey again) the rebel reindeer half inched his new self-propelled sleigh and are now cruising the streets blasting out the Christmas tunes. They’ll astound you with reindeer magic,that’s normal magic with added antlers, then stick around and try their amazing Lapland Experience: go ice fishing, smell reindeer poo and see the Aurora Borealis!


Booking Ref: BE1

Grand Theatre of Lemmings


Two great Christmas stilt acts – Reindeer and elves and Wise Men and Camel


Booking Ref: GT1

Santa Claws


Christmas carols such as ‘Stray in a manger’, ‘We Three Cats’ and ‘Ding Dong Tabilly on high’ are brought to you by two tempestuous, tenacious tabbies…In bins overflowing with unwanted toys, unmoved pullovers and hidden Brussels Sprouts they will bring joy to all. Furry Christmas one and all!


Booking Ref: ST2

Angels and Journey of the Magi


Our Angels and journey of the Magi can massively enhance any Xmas lighting ceremony.







Booking Ref: NWS01

Les Christmas Oiseaux


Our giant birds Les Oiseaux have performed for Xmas events all over the world and now the brand new Xmas edition.





Booking Ref: NWS02

Ding Dong


A great Christmas Band!




Booking Ref: NWS03

Elfis & Elfabelle's Christmas Singalong



Christmas sing-a-long fun



Booing Ref: FE02


“The Flycycle Delivery Service


“The Flycycle Delivery Service needs you, young and old to save Christmas! The Reindeer are ill!, Santa is too… so ValeryElf and Captain BigElf have fired up the Flycycle, the reindeer are wrapping their favourite presents (carrots of course!) and 2 by 2 the audiance will choose a destination, dress up from our fantastic dressing up box, step through the curtain of dreams and be whisked away to the dizzying heights of their imagination… (finding inhabitants of their destinations [at your event] and delivering presents!)”




Booking Ref: PP01

 Christmas Juggler


A highly talented juggler who not only juggles with footballs and tennis rackets but also juggles Christmas!


Booking Ref: SV1

Two for Tea


Two for Tea is a spoof comedy magic show with an edge! The magician has issues and happily oversteps the mark making for hilarious spontaneous interactions with the festival public! Running time 13mins to 30 mins depending on your requirements. perfect for Christmas parties, celebrations, works dos, weddings and hen nights! You know what it’s like. You fall in love, you get married and for the first few years it’s wonderful and then the magic goes out of the relationship. But what happens when you are married to a magician and you can never escape the magic?  If Robert Houdini was still alive, he’d be turning in his grave.



Booking Ref: OH01






A unique and charming festive show. The world's leading LED and laser dance artists delight audiences with a glowing and glittering winter wonderland. Super-bright graphics of snowflakes, stars, mistletoe and reindeer are swinging in this detail choreographed and magical show through the air. Individual programs with company emblem and Christmas messages can be integrated as desired in the pixel-Poi finals.




Booking Ref: FFF05




DigiStars puts incredible visual technology into the hands of an award-winning team of UK circus artists. Their dynamically manipulated light trails create illuminated graphics, patterns, shapes and fully readable text right before your very eyes.  100% customizable, DigiStars can also put your logo, conference keyword, image or special persons' name in a trail of dazzling light.Performed as a “freestyle" or “walkabout” act, DigiStars will present your message in a creative and eye-catching display that is guaranteed to turn heads.  DigiStars has a diverse wardrobe of quality, tailor-made costumes to compliment your branding, activation or corporent event theme. Millions of colours, limitless options, up to 6 performers... let DigiStars shine at your corporate event!



Booking Ref: FO3

Christmas Victorian Time Travellers


Having just arrived from their Victorian Christmas celebrations of 1888 and

very much in the mood to share it with all, Professor Weft and Ms. Warp perambulate and play carols in their incredible contraption, an H. G. Wells style Time Machine. You'll get a taste of (and even perhaps for) Victorian

life as they amaze passers-by with magic, mind reading and festive facts from the box of cosmic Christmas secrets. Find out many things you didn’t know about Victorian life, including what the Victorians ate for Christmas dinner (instead of chocolate coins and the like), were their Monopoly

opportunities and just what they did all day instead of eating too much cheese in front of the television and flatulating for an entire afternoon?


Booking Ref: BB04

The Light Gliders


The Light Gliders are a new species of small, speedy, imp like character, almost conical in shape and child like in size. They perform mesmeric gliding dances in which they whizz around people at great speed or spin slowly and beautifully in their own style of choreographed ballet.  The Light Gliders are sprite-like and cheekily unpredictable, ready to chase unsuspecting members of the audience off into the distance or engage them in their own moment of graceful Light Glider dance.


Booking Ref CR03

Jack Frost & the Winter Fairy


Ultra-violet micro puppetry & mask based walkabout performance.


Pushing a musical cart bedecked with shimmering lanterns and housing a mysterious tent, Jack Frost gathers a crowd. Revealing his precious cargo is a fabled Winter Fairy, he invites the brave to step forward and witness true magic! Peering through one of the three spyglasses each audience member witness a beautifully choreographed and soundtracked uv micro-puppetry performance. Proving that even the smallest of us can leave the biggest impression, the Winter Fairy will touch your heart and leave you wishing for the magic to last forever!


Warning: This act has been known to move old ladies to tears.

3 x 30 mins


Booking Ref: CE05