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Funky Santa


Ho, ho, ho!


Funky Santa is on the loose, handing out merriment and mirth to one and all.


Performing festive acrobatics with his elves, you won't want to miss out on this feast of joyous entertainment.


Just watch out when there's mistletoe about, his funky moves will always attract some admirers.





Booking Ref: AC01

Rubella, Salmonella and Buttons


There is nothing like a dame. Rubella, Salmonella and Buttons, bring the magic of panto to the your venue, either walkabout or with short shows. Excellent panto


Booking Ref: CF1

Christmas Travels with Grandad


An interactive, storytelling puppet adventure.

A Victorian explorer who seems to have lost his way and needs the help of the children to help him remember where he has been!

It’s early morning, and a battered tent is erected, showing wear and tear from years of travel around the globe. Lit from inside, mysterious shadows can be seen playing on canvas, strange music and the smell of incense drift through the air. Inside Granddad is fast asleep surrounded by souvenirs that he has collected on his travels ­ each a clue to Granddad’s history...


Booking Ref: PK2

Man in a Christmas Present


This internationally acclaimed act is like no other. Curiosity is aroused by the arrival of a silent clown with a box. Despite his size he climbs in and managed to shut the lid. As the audience try to discover what will happen next…The box Grows legs, leaps into life and scuttles off. Meeting and Greeting are a specialty, give him half a chance he’ll have to dancing and playing footsie, this box has quite a following! Accompanied by a comedy security guard for good measure.


Booking Ref: MF2

Christmas Skiffle Disco


A seasonal comedy show band with three top musical performers, extraordinary instruments, a sackful of high energy Christmas tunes and a bag of funny business.






Booking Ref: MH2

The Winter Sprites:


Released into the human world in the months leading to Christmas these spirited & mischievous creatures float, fly & flit from person to place; investigating & exploring as they go & spreading festive cheer, quips & yarns of winter's past, & stories galore!"

"Not of air and not of earth,

We come to bring you winter mirth.

Not of earth and not of air,

We come to bring you winter cheer.

Lights and sparkle, stars and moon -

Brighten frosty winter soon!

Though days be dark and short of light

Let our radiance be your light!



Booking Ref: TWS01

Victorian Pick-pockets


The Victorian Pickpockets are highly interactive comic roving street characters.

They aim to bring a sense of playfulness, fun and lightness to any event.

They are a couple of likely lads with a cheeky, cheery nature who dream of the high life.

They are out to make an impression with the ladies and don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling for their charms or being serenaded down the street.

But be warned better watch your pockets.




Booking Ref: LT01

Ice White Glow Show


Icy Glow Show from the excellent Flame Oz.








Booking Ref: FO1



We can’t explain enough on paper the impact these characters have on children and adults alike.  We constantly enjoy the faces lit up with enchantment when children realise they can pat and feed the reindeer and that they will, in turn play with them and have fun, not to mention how the elves and the fairies encourage all around them to join in and dance in the street, in a parade or shopping centre.





Booking Ref: FE01

‘Solo or Duo LED glow show’


Great for Christmas light turn on’s, can be accompanied with walkabout or workshops

Angie is spreading the Christmas joy with her glowing hula hoop extravaganza. That’s right she's turning on the Christmas lights with a jam packed highly skilled LED glow hula hoop show including, epic hula hoop tricks, sparkles, tinsel and all the cheese and cracker trimmings of Christmas!

This is a 5 min show using a mix of Christmas and electro swing music. Perfect for any Christmas event!


Angie's Funky Christmas Capers


Always Festive bright and bubbly, Angie comes armed with a large stack of hoops and some funky Christmas tunes.  She will wow everyone with her impromptu hula hooping displays before getting a few helpers up to show just how fun it is.

This is an interactive show getting people who never thought it was possible up and hooping.

Great fun for any festive event!

Battery powered portable music system provided.



Booking Ref: ANG05

King of All Angels


Did you see Elvis Presley just go by? An 8 foot stilt Elvis angel on his comeback tour plays Xmas hits and classics, shakes his wings and mingles with his fans.


Booking Ref: MH1

Tap Dancing Turkeys


How could you possibly eat your Christmas dinner when you’ve met Bernice and Matthew, these friendly tap dancing turkeys


Booking Ref: MF1

Fred the Talking Christmas Tree


Fred The Christmas Tree, stands 8ft high and looks like a normal Christmas tree until he starts moving by himself, chatting with spectators and playing his own Christmas carols!


Booking Ref: BO1

Santa and the Sleigh Belles


Santa has lost his Christmas Jingle and needs help to find it in time, he gets all the help he needs from the Christmas Fairy herself, his elves the Sleigh Bells and even Frosty the Snowman. Includes lots of classic Christmas songs.

A 3 x 20 minutes show or combination of show and walkabout


Booking Ref: CC2

Festive Elves


Two colourfully dressed elves carry a spectacular swaying eight foot tall tower of presents. Armed with quill, clipboard, pocket watch & whistle Head Elf Horris attempts to keep their delivery on schedule, as Junior Elf Norris struggles and clowns with the teetering tower of presents. Both elves are ever watchful for people with names on the list of those who have been good!


Booking Ref: CE1

Flying Carpets


From across the desert sands come legendary storytellers Ruby Murry and Baba Ganush on their magical flying carpets.





Booking Ref: CE2a



Lock up your fish! These pint sized pip-squeaks are carried around by two inquisitive larger than life birds. The Penguin Family have arrived!







Booking Ref: CE2b

The Winterbottoms


Let the Victorian Snow Family melt your heart! Presenting the esteemed Major Wilfred Winterbottom, Lady Uphemia Winterbottom and their little urchin Baby Snowflake. With his business interests in the frozen North failing and his assets frozen the Major has hit the sherry. In response the hard times the family now work the mix n'mingle circuit spreading festive cheer at any Christmas, Winter or Ice themed event.


Booking Ref: CE3


Calvos Dos


Beautiful and bizarre, two awesome-looking characters in intricate white costume, their entire skulls a brilliant metallic silver. Viewed high above their audience, they are elegant creatures of a tranquil and mysterious world.


Booking Ref: FO1a

Betty Twinkle


Betty Twinkle, an old Victorian fairy borne on the back of Robin, her reliant red breast. Heeding Santa's warnings of staff shortages this Christmas, Betty Twinkle and Robin have left their country life to bring Christmas cheer to all throughout the land. Robin whistles classic Christmas songs whilst Betty works her magic with fairy dust, snow and chocolate gold coins for those who have been good.

A delightful solo walkabout, beautifully designed and wonderfully executed.


Booking Ref: SW1a

Sugar Plum Fairies


A pair of slightly round Christmas Fairies, Sugar and Plum, gorgeously attired in pink and silver with the their very own giant Christmas pudding. These fairies are full of Christmas fun and downright greedy. This walkabout is accompanied by background music from the Christmas pudding itself.


Booking Ref: SW1b

Felix Brent


Felix Brent the English Gent decorates his penny farthing with tinsel and fairy lights and plays old Christmas Crooner tunes on his sound system. A brilliant multi skilled performer.  Also available as a duo (see below)





Booking Ref: NR1

Felix & Felix


Victorian themed twins, with Penny Farthing stunt riding, juggling, object manipulation, contact juggling, robotic body popping, close up magic, impeccable manners and fantastic chat, all to the accompaniment of period, (and not so period) music from their suitcase sound system and sometimes live music on the ukulele and banjo uke too.


Booking Ref: LK1

Sami Sleigh


A traditional Mother Christmas inspired by the Arctic Circle story of Babushka The Present Giver, travels through the streets looking for the perfect reindeer to lead her sleigh on her annual journey of present giving. Her Sami (Lapp) elf Sunna, picks out potential reindeer from the audience, harnesses them up and gives them a trial as they speed off jingling through the snow, to the sounds of traditional Sami music.


The sleigh has a small engine so that the human reindeer only appears to pull the sleigh as Mother Christmas Babushka is actually quite heavy!





Booking Ref: CCR5



"A stellar explosion that briefly outshines an entire galaxy.”


Supernova is a brand new show that marries our trademark sharp choreography with a vibrant soundtrack and for the first time, all-over body graphics.

Featuring four professional dancers and a soundtrack that ranges from electronica to blues, Supernova is uses Pixel Video Suits. As the dancers perform, video sequences are displayed on their light suits – colours, shapes, graphics and of course, logos. The performers form an organic, fluid video screen, with images appearing on each individual performer or scrolling across the group as they move on stage. The effect is stunning, beautiful and highly memorable.

Supernova premiered at The Gadget Show Live 2015, in Birmingham’s NEC. It features choreography by Paul Domaine (Kylie Minogue, George Michael, X-Factor, Dancing on Ice, Ford, Jaguar, American Music Awards), and is directed by Alix Wilding. The LED technology and embedded media servers have been incorporated into tailored dresses and suits that are custom-designed in collaboration with Craig Parr (Alexander McQueen, Istituto Marangoni). The elegant styling enhances the human form, highlighting the precision and grace of the dancers’ movements.


Animated or static client logos, graphics and themes can be programmed to appear across the performers’ bodies at the high-point of the show.


Booking Ref: FFF04

Holly & Ivy


Holly & Ivy, Christmas elves creating mayhem from inside their Christmas tree homes


Booking Ref: BB2

The Elf Hunters



The Yule Tide season approaches and snow lies thick upon the ground, where tiny footprints can be found… Elves!


Introducing Major Titus Foyle (retired) and Capt. Fergus Tresslock…’The Elf Hunters!’ These two intrepid explorers are on a mission to capture the pointy-eared folk and take them back to face justice for their crimes against Christmas.


A Festive Fairy Tale style walkabout, consisting of two Elf Hunters pulling a cage with a poor, captured Elf inside.



Booking Ref: DC1b

Bad Santas


These Santas are bad, well bad. Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good.


With a seasonal style and panache, an amazing ear bursting ghetto blaster and lino borrowed from Mrs. Santa’s kitchen floor (she’s getting new lino for Christmas anyway), it’s time to hang tinsel on those festive windmills and bust a move with the Santas. Forget the hassles of the season and polish up that lino.


This upbeat two person Christmas walkabout draws large crowds and gets them in the festive spirit with comedy, banter and a lot of wicked moves. So here it is, Merry Christmas y’all – let’s celebrate!



Booking Ref: RI01






Jingle Bells


From across the tundra rides the North Pole Postal Service, staring Crumpet the elf, Nena the reindeer and Santa's helper Araura. Help them train the new reindeer to trust children, check you are on the list of people who have been good and help keep Crumpet away from the brandy! Interact with the characters, dance to their music and celebrate the wonder of Christmas by sharing a photo with these timeless, festive crackers.


Booking Ref: CE06

Christmas Lollipop Ladies



Helping and hindering, fluorescent and effervescent, they're the 64th emergency service and are a veritable flurry of fluoro. Always on hand to enthusiastically escort you through the Christmas hustle &  bustle, and ensure that you get that last essential Xmas gift! Giggle & guffaw at their antics and neon neurosis.


These larger than life lollipop ladies are available to amuse & delight your audience with their antics & interactions in this comic character walkabout show consisting of two performers.



Booking Ref: CC04


Christmas Luna


In combining the grace and fluidity of classical Ballet, with the power and strength of aerial hoop, a dynamic new performance has been developed. Designed and choregraphed by the artist herself - Tink. Utilising her skills as both dancer and acrobat, she moves gracefully and elegantly, seeming to dance in the air in and around the hoop. A combination of flexibility, strength and finesse.


Booking Ref: DP01

Ballet Light



This ground based LED dance act is stunning visually and perfect for a piece of ambient walkabout.






Booking Ref: DP02

Hoverboard Glide


Feeding the Fish are launching the world's first LED Hoverboard Glide About, and we're giving you an exclusive peek...


Dancers zoom and greet your guests as their video suits seamlessly change from santa costumes, to elves, to falling snowflakes before your very eyes.

And don't miss the re-launch of our Christmas classic Wonderland.

Super-bright graphics of holly, snowflakes, stars and reindeer are spun through the air using our Pixel-Poi light batons, transforming your event into an epic winter wonderland.


As always, we can programme your brand, name or logo in the graphics.

Our presence is the only present you'll be wishing for this year


Booking Ref: FF06


Jay Rawlings


Resplendent in Tails, White Gloves and carrying a miniature theatre; Jay will delight any audience with this enchanting theatre of illusion.


From the back of the stage appear two hands, ten digits performing uncanny sleight-of-hand for the amusement and merriment of an intimate audience.



Booking Ref: JR01

Dreary Shoppers


Precariously wielding a pile of presents taller than a fridge, these grumbling yet persistent shoppers seem to be on an endless quest for 'just one more present' and, as Auntie Mabel's such an awkward size, they're finding it a hard task. "What I'd give for a nice cuppa feet are killing me..." they can be heard to whine.

It's a good thing they began their Christmas shopping in February!



Booking Ref: ML02