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Elfie Selfies


Why not get an Elfie selfie??? These hilarious elves would oblige!



Booking Ref: NT01

Christmas Flower Pot Heads


Stimulatingly surreal, funny-peculiar, hyper-photogenic and very very popular.


Booking Ref: NT02

Human Snow Globe


A truly magnificent spectacle to take your breath away. This spellbinding human Snow Globe glides gracefully through crowds enchanting all ages. A beautiful, ethereal Snow Queen sits regally inside, encased in her snow blizzard. She smiles and greets her admirers as she floats by, interacting with her audience. The Snow Globe plays her own magical music and spectators are encouraged by the Snow Queen to press the big red button outside.


This triggers the snowfall and a host of fun and festive sound effects. This beautiful Snow Globe is truly original and guaranteed to add a massive wow factor to any event. She is beautifully illuminated with a secret flick of a switch making her an excellent addition to a Christmas light switch on. Suitable for daytime or night time events.




Booking Ref: NL01




Available as a Duo or Solo Walkabout act. The perfect Christmas image; seven foot tall Cocky Robins strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage.


Complete with real life bird sounds, these 7 foot tall mobile cocky Robins delight and entertain family audiences. They're big, they're very friendly and they like nothing more than talking with your audience in bird song.


They can be seen and heard from afar. Their real life bird song (using those little bird whistle toys you can get!) adds a charming atmosphere to your event. Brilliant for photographs and social media. Forget Twitter, this is the ultimate Tweet.


Teenagers dance with them, children want their pictures with them, Mums and Dads laugh at them, Grannies and Grandads aaaaaaaaaahhh  at them!  Christmas just aint the same without a pair of 7 foot tall singing and dancing, photo friendly Robins. Tweet Tweet.



Booking Ref: RI02

Enchanted Winter



Introducing the winter version of Enchanted Seasons, this delightful character comes to lift the spirits & lighten the mood of the festive season.


Exquisitely clad in meandering ivy and shiny red berries she spreads enchantment with her magic crystals.


A fantastic walkabout act for Christmas and winter events.


Booking Ref: SR02

Christmas Damsels in Distress


From the dark days of yore come Lady Lust-a-Lot and Lady Longing-for-Love. Borne on the backs of Eric and Ernie their delightfully drippy dragons, these bootifulí damsels with their black teeth, spots and long gnarly hair are on a constant futile crusade to find their knights in shining armour and find other little princes and princesses along the way.


Very visual, no language needed!



Booking Ref: SW03

Elf 'n' Safety


Elf 'n' Safety are a team of Six Foot Christmas Security Elves. They are highly efficient at making sure that everyone is jolly and not being naughty. To that end they have built and designed The Naughty Portals - high tech functioning electronic portals that detect naughtiness and niceness. Parents are frequently admonished for naughty behaviour accumulated over the previous months





Booking Ref: MM04

Toy Soldiers


A right Royal welcome from our Toy Soldiers. They've escaped from the Christmas Toy Box and are cleaning up the crowds in time for Christmas. They are ready for some seasonal fun - are you?


Complete with fairy lights and robins nesting in their bearskin hats!



Booking Ref: GT2



Did you know that if you scratch a unicorns nose and make a wish then it will come true? Just one little magical fact about unicorns that these 2 woodland fairies share with the audience.


Don't forget to collect some magic fairy dust too...!


This act is one for small children and adults alike!



Booking Ref: GT3

Christmas elves


Jugglers, hula hoopers, bouncy stilt walkers.


If you want to celebrate Christmas in all its traditional excitement, our elves in red and green are here to entertain.



Booking Ref: CV1

Hula hoopers : The Starship Hoopers



Chivareeís own hula hoop troupe : The Starship Hoopers : have been wowing audiences since 2014, working on major launch events and building a show for award winning producer and musician Jon Hopkins on his European tour. They can perform solo or as a troupe, with interactive sets and choreographed stage acts.




Booking Ref: CV2

Winter acrobats



Hand to hand duos, contortionists, handbalancers, or wheel performers - all in beautiful costumes to show off pure lines and acrobatic shapes, skill, flexibility and






Booking Ref: CV3

Winter aerialists



If you need a real show-stopping moment to the night, our winter aerialists can work solo or as part of large coordinated acts, across multiple disciplines.




Booking Ref: CV4



Rollerskating Elves & Jenny Claus



Naughty Elf and Cheeky Jenny Claus on roller skates bringing smiles and silliness further afield..


Booking Ref: JRO1



The Christmas Pram


A perfect act for Christmas time, illuminated by little lights, with rosy cheeks and full of festive cheer -`The Christmas Pram` will lighten the hearts of many. This act will intrigue and amaze as The Pram takes the stage. Twin puppets - Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee, the cheekiest of babies, miraculously come to life and will intrigue your audiences beyond belief.


Booking Ref: CD1


Christmas Quackers


There is no mistaking: The Christmas Quackers have arrived! Set to make your heart melt as the cold comes in. The most festive and friendly fowl you’ll meet this season, they just adore Christmas. Quacking about it all over your town, they’re keen to investigate every shopping bag with their curious pecking and gentle waddling charm. They’re excitement is infectious and will set a cheerful jolly mood while they create a perfect photo opportunity for your gloriously dressed guests to remember your event by. Perfect for Christmas light switch ons, High Streets, Christmas shopping socials and festive gatherings. Gorgeously child friendly, these jolly Christmas Quackers cannot wait to join in.


Booking Ref: CD2


Posh Pigs Christmas



These highly entertaining, well-to-do Piggies are hilarious, backslapping fun at Christmas time. They will captivate and amuse as they trot about and interact with your gleeful audience. Full of jolly cheer and festive spirit and the perfect season for plumping time, these piggies are very keen to help do not like to miss out! Be it your busy Christmas high street full of festive shoppers or your rosy cheeked  Christmas works do, they’ll be, quite literally, there with bells on! These delightfully jolly posh pigs come as either a duo or a trio.



Booking Ref: CD3


Christmas Elves; Stilts or Balloon modelling



Cheeky x-mas elves available ether as Santa's biggest helpers on stilts or as ground based balloon modellers







Booking Ref: ST01