events consultant and co-ordinator

The Caravan of Mechanical Marvels


Pulled by an obviously long suffering slave on a penny farthing and driven on by the dwarf skeleton of circus master Alfonso Milano himself, the caravan of Mechanical Marvels emerges from time itself.

Visibly patched up and repaired over centuries, it is a strange mixture of medieval, Victorian and present day aesthetic.

Fire, smoke, bubbles, music and movement present a odd spectacle within an even odder spectacle

Paka's Fire Horse


A full size (17 hands) robotic horse assembled from assorted machine parts and scrap metal. It does about all a real horse does, it moves, turns, reverses, whines, rears and even breathes fire. An extraordinary junk-metal creation with the thrilling and terrifying power of real flesh and blood. Truly futuristic performance artistry.


Now Fire Dragon avialble too!

Twisted Dream Stilts


Magical and macabre theatrical experiences, something a little bit scarier.

Abercrombie the Zombie


Abercrombie the Zombie is a highly talented multi skilled performer - perfect for any Halloween event.


Ghosts, witches and gothic horrors


Halloween is heading this way.....

Our Halloween Witch is ready to play...

'The Halloween Witch' is a wonderfully REAL looking Witch. With her Black and purple Witch's Hat; Flowing, Sparkling Black cloak and of course her Witch's Broom and cauldron - our Halloween Witch is ready to fly to your event....

Perfect for a Family/Children's event, The Witch will walk about & chat in character.


If, however - you should require an even more scary witch...then 'The Gothic Witch' is the perfect choice... A stunning costume of sparkling purple and black with a dramatic headdress and mask - The Gothic Witch gives a highly visual and dramatic look to your Halloween event - the sort that memories are made of...


Perhaps though - it is a ghostly apparition that you require?? If so - we can conjure up ...not one ....but three Spirits for your delectation. Originally designed for a Halloween event at Stirling Castle - our 'Ghostly Spirits of the Past' will drift amongst your guests, carrying their flickering candles in Silver candle sticks..

Lenny Stobart


Lenny likes to draw people 'warts and all' - even if they don't have warts. so be prepared to be mocked, because when Lenny draws you he tends to speak his mind, to the amusement of all watching... No one is left in any doubt as to how ugly they are...

...and they get to keep the drawing to prove it.


please note;-

if you don't want your guests insulted, Lenny can also butter them up, and let them down easy...

Brain Drain Machine


Get up close and personal with our two mad B movie Scientists as they get willing suspects in the chair for their harmless fun experiments….


Marvel at receiving a realistic fake scar or wound from the delicious but decaying Morticia

Or try the horrortastic brain drain machine for size and walk away with a new mind!

Have a laugh with our B Movie stars as we do horror, 1950’s style

Bureau of Silly Idea's Dennis the Skeleton


Dennis is a wickedly funny remote controlled skeleton who talks and sings! Very interactive and humorous

Frenetic Engineering


These larger than life giant learner witches have great visual and comedy impact. Guaranteed failure to turn children into toads, their legendary incompetence is sure to raise a laugh from adults and children alike.

Flying! scaring people and remembering magic spells are a constant challenge for this bungling duo who receive sympathy and giggles from the unsuspecting public

Circo Rum Ba Ba's Bats:


Two breathtaking Flying Fox Bats on stilts lead their Bat Keeper through the streets, squealing and flapping their huge expanse of wing, as they flip between the audience to the strains of gypsy music. The Bat Keeper entrances with her musical saw, as the bats lure a member of the crowed into their nocturnal world


Who will fly with the bats this time....?

Virtigo's Bats:


This particular species of bat stalks its prey. They inspect it cautiously and carefully, resulting either in an attempt to stand their ground against possible threat or sudden alarm and retreat to safer distance. They often hunt in pairs proudly, occasionally turning on each other in mock irritation. Sexy, dangerous, and sometimes cheeky but always prowling, from a premier stilt company.

Virtigo's Ghosts & Ghouls:


Themed for Halloween, amazing ghoulish ground-based walkabout characters

Rin Tin Tin's – Havana Clue:


This humorous spoof fortune teller will tell you things about your future that will amuse and amaze!



A giant terrifying skeleton sure to put a chill in your bones!

Anton The Spooky Juggler:


Brilliant cobweb-strewn, themed juggler available for shows and interactive walkabou

Tall Order's Pumpkin Heads:


These pumpkin characters are great Halloween fun!



Available on or off stilts, these ethereal characters are ideal for Hallowe'en or White themed events.


Concealed LED lights give them a soft glow as they glide around. Beautiful costumes.



Spikey Demons


The scariest, fastest, spookiest and spikiest demons.








Prince Oddness and his servant Grotsick are questing to find a new Princess, auditioning members of the public they bring their topsy-turvy perception of our world into magical life. But whose foot will fit the enchanted glass slipper?

Futuristic Fiends


Feared and revered these high rise and fiendishly futuristic folk stalk the earth looking to bring their unique energy to where ever it is called.

Fire Shows


Halloween is not complete without fire, and this company supply cutting edge fire performances that captivate audiences of all ages. A dynamic fusion of manipulation, dance, acrobatics, martial arts and circus. A spectacular blend of grace, poise and beauty coupled with explosive fire dancing all performed to a high energy beat.

Gargoyles - Incancescence


A bunch of gruesome gargoyles - guaranteed to make any building really spooky

Freaks - Incandescence


Fiendishly freaky stilt walkers



The Witch



Double, double toil and trouble... Bring on the Witch to entertain the muggles!


This magical, mysterious, wonderful Witch will mingle with your guests, mesmerising them with her globes of crystal.


The perfect entertainment for Halloween!


The Witch can be on stilts or ground based and as well as contact juggling, she can add balloon modelling with a spooky theme - cats, bats, pumpkins, spiders and ghosts!

Voo Boo


As the jungle drum beats a slow rhythm and the chanting of the Voo Doo ritual reaches a crescendo, two unholy creatures are summoned.

Bone Daddy and Spider Bones arise from the dead, walking the earth once more, intent on striking fear into the hearts of all they encounter.

The Marionette


Based on the quirky designs of Tim Burton,and set to the beautiful and haunting music of Danny Elfman, 'The Marionette' is a character piece with a spooky edge!


The act can be performed at any height from 4.5m upwards and is therefore very suitable for lower venues. The company also have a freestanding aerial rig available for those spaces unable to provide rigging points.