events consultant and co-ordinator

Alex Dandridge


Alex is an amazing performer with many years' experience of crowd-pleasing. He is a fantastic comic and you will often find him juggling and uni-cycling his way into chaos



An excellent juggler with a charismatic, crowd pulling personality. Anton is always a hit with audiences of all ages and can interact with any audience in any situation

Curious Eyebrows


Using a unique blend of juggling, magic and clowning, the Curious Eyebrows are an amazingly versatile duo, multi talented jugglers, uni-cyclists, and stilt-walkers.

Dan the Hat


A frenzy of comedy, skills and audience participation.(whether they like it or not!) From the outset Dan wows any audience with supreme yo-yo skills , awesome hat manipulation , juggling with finesse, ball spinning slick diabolo , the tennis can, and the one and only ‘Cups and Spoons'.

Dream State Circus


World renowned, international award winning duo.

Feeding The Fish


An inspirational vision that has pushed juggling into a fantastic realm of captivating beauty, compelling invention and distinctive technique.

Flux is a highly technical juggling double-act. Synchronised clubs change colour and visual effect in perfect synchronisation with a dramatic soundtrack. Kaleidoscope is a strongly choreographed combination of dance, laser manipulation and Pixel-Poi, performed by three dancers to moving classical-fusion music. Custom programming is available to use your logo on the pixel-poi.



Gandini Juggling is a company set up to celebrate the art of juggling in all its facets. In the last decade they have performed 3000 shows in 30 countries and gained a reputation as one of the world's most adventurous juggling groups. The company shares its time between performing, teaching and supplying jugglers for all kinds of events.

Goronwy Thom


Extraordinary charismatic young juggler (able to juggle up to 5 clubs or 7 balls) and unicyclist

Brilliant performer who gets the audience involved, very funny and versatile, also works with fire. He is one of Britain's best loved street performers and is regularly to be seen in London's Covent Garden. As a leading authority in juggling, he often comperes and commentates at top juggling conventions.

Grant Goldie


That Man is a fantastic one man act in which Grant, seemingly equipped only with a whistle and a case, sets out to demonstrate that through balance, juggling and manipulation the seemingly impossible is possible.

Ian Marchant


Ian Marchant trained at the Circus Space in London and his work has taken him all over Europe. He has worked with the 'Gandini Juggling Project' and 'Generating Company' and also as a successful solo artist. Balls, bounce juggling, hat manipulation, rings, ball spinning, and clubs.

From mix and mingle to tailor-made shows, Ian specailises in parties, cabarets, street shows, film, TV and corporate work.

Mark Abbott


Comedy, Juggling with bikes, balls, knives, fire, eggs, clubs and glow stuff! His adaptability makes him a great asset to any event.


He is excellent at working to a chosen theme

Sam I Am


A brilliant and skilful entertainer. The perfect addition to your event.


Sam is the perfect performer for greeting guests at a private party, making your company stand out at a trade show, mixing with the public at an event, entertaining the queue outside, store openings, shopping centres, etc...

Steve Rawlings


Steve Rawlings brings an audience to life with his unique blend of comedy character and technical ability.

Whether juggling Ping-Pong balls with his mouth, setting his head on fire or flinging blazing torches, furniture, giant cartwheels and tenpin bowling balls in the air, this is an act that demands attention!

He specialises in corporate entertainment, with a difference.

Tim Lenkiewicz


As an experienced and versatile graduate of London's Circus Space, Tim is adept at creating unique and imaginative entertainment. With his skilful mix of hypnotic juggling, spectacular fire-dance, energetic acrobatics and intriguingly odd characters, he will devise and adapt his acts to add entertainment, humour, beauty and even the bizarre to any event.

Tim Wooliscroft


Tim, appearing as Tim Foolery, is a highly skilled street performer with a wide range of skills including juggling, uni-cycling, physical comedy, magic, balloon modelling, acrobatics, clowning and stilt walking. He is a highly skilled juggler; his devil-sticking is amongst the best in the world.


He also appears as Frank Dapper, in a tale of daring and adventure on one man's discovery of flight.



John Blanchard has performed internationally, delighting audiences with his unique synthesis of dazzling spectacle and vibrant music. In darkness, pierced only by fluorescent props and costumes, the viewer is transported into a world of fantastic colour, flowing choreography, and an awe-inspiring exhibition of skills.