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Specialising in spectacular theatre Artizani are one of Europe’s most stylish and stunning street acts. Combining traditional circus skills, performing at the highest level with a raw energy fusion of music, improvisation and theatre. Highly innovative duo.


The Punt:

Two Oxbridge undergrads descend from their ivory towers and are off for a relaxing punt. Blissfully unaware of reality and physics the boat drifts down busy streets as they regale and serenade the public.

Over the years one of Artizani’s most popular shows: a unique and quintessentially English walkabout that oozes charm and is playfully surreal.

This promenade performance is based on an adapted electric vehicle which can cover quite a large area if required – it works both as a charming image glimpsed from a distance and as character based comic interaction at closer range.




Avanti Display


Avant Display draw on two decades of experience in outdoor theatre. They produce shows that combine comedy, surrealism and spectacle, to create their unique brand of English street theatre.

Their work varies in scale from the intimate to the epic but they always aim to produce work that is engaging and entertaining.


Their trademark has become the use of water, which they use to make both comedy and spectacle: performances that are beautiful and surprising, and driven by an internal logic. All of their shows are imbued with a unique charm.

Barnaby Gibbons


Barnaby's solo 35 minute show will leave you dumbfounded. From the moment he arrives as a giant fly, in terminal dive, the pace never slows. A mixture of acrobatics, mime and puppetry, it ranges from the bizarre through the hilarious to the truly extraordinary.

Bash Street Theatre


Circus theatre at its best, with off-beat shows like unicycling mafiosos, acro-balancing Mrs Mop and death defying stunts.


Shows include: The Strongman, Cliffhanger, The Station, The Lion Tamer and Bash St Bobbies

Bedlam Oz


Slinkies are on the move! Big Mob is a majestic parade with bursts of comic energy amongst the crowd. 5 different mini shows are presented during this 30 minute walkabout.

The audience can enjoy a complete "piece" or follow the slinkie mob and continue the adventure. When booked along side our fixed site shows, Big Mob offers a wonderfully flexible combination for any event.

Mr Swervy's ShoeShine Shop


Mr Swervy draws on his experience as a street performer to inject a showbiz quality into the shoeshine experience ~ by making his guests

smile, feel important, and treating them to a first-class shoeshine experience. Employed by you, the event organiser, Mr Swervy's Shoeshine Shop offers an additional feature at your event, making your guests feel special with a complementary shoeshine.

Better Halves



The audience is made into its own entertainment by a man with a TV for a head, a couch potato fascinated with passers by, and a video camera hidden in surprising places…


The Better Halves:

A drama is made out of a crisis as two lovers balance acrobatically on the brink of a fiery end. A comic affair involving acromantic shenanigans, wayward children, and a box of tricks, as big as the imagination. Right up your street!


Heavens Above:

Gabs and Lucinda, two stilted fallen angels go earthwalk. Culture, shock and temptation lie in wait… Attempts at flight and communication with Number 1 are not always fruitful.


The Last of the Mohicans:

A live statue of a national icon – a concrete Mohican punk, tended by Dora the museum cleaning lady and accompanied by Deefer the dog. Audiences are gripped by the enchanting subtlety of the minimalist, standabout theatre.

Bob and Bob Jobbins


Bob and Bob Jobbins are perhaps best known for their love of Heath Robinson machinery, but have now combined technology and strong comic characters. The visual impact is completely different to anything else on the circuit and they are completely flexible.

Shows include the gliding musical Santa, the miniature fire engine, a pirate ship, gliding headmaster, Bishop and Air Ace.

Bruce Airhead


Bruce Airhead is a hilarious 30 minute show about a strange relationship between a man and a 6ft balloon.

First he inflates the balloon with a vacuum cleaner, then climbs inside by stages until all his limbs are enclosed and he dances inside the balloon to a lively music track. As an explosive climax, the balloon bursts, revealing Bruce in a shower of confetti as Elvis Presley (or one of several other characters, including Santa Claus)

It's sophisticated, elegant, urbane.....sometimes it's spectacular, surreal, sweaty......always


The metamorphosis of a man and six foot balloon.

Bureau of Silly Ideas


The Small Job: "Road works have never been so entertaining!"

This forty minute show is a highflying acrobatic slapstick farce set in an everyday work scene, where a group of seemingly ordinary workmen do increasing bizarre things using the tools of their trade.

Very very funny.



Visual and verbal comedy.

By interacting with the passing people and repeatedly revealing odd props from their pockets and the box, a crowd develops, curious to see what will happen next. With Chameleon at the helm the audience is steered through gales of laughter as the common-place becomes strange, The public become the performers and our contemporary clowns leap from one situation to another.

Shows include Push, Gameshow and Shattered.



The Chipolatas are a performance company who correspond to no stereotype of theatre, who are proud of their roots and always open-armed to new ideas and experiences. The essence of spectacle, an indelible impression is left by an action–packed Chipolatas performance. Their seamless performances feature a sensory overload of vibrant, colourful and dazzling routines, music and comedy. Rising to any occasion, the dynamic team are renowned for their energy, vivacity, passion, wit and professionalism.

Circo Rum Ba Ba


All woman circus theatre company which fuses spectacular theatre with a diverse range of circus skills and disguise. The resulting performances and images are thrilling and eccentric with equal importance being given to the physical skill, the costume and the characterisation.

Using an intriguing mixture of artists, musicians, mechanics and satirists, Circo Rum Ba Ba creates bizarre, offbeat characters and productions designed specifically for festivals and events.

Curious Eyebrows


Using a unique blend of juggling, magic and clowning, Curious Eyebrows have offer two shows:

Blight: Two people, one in black and the other white, experience a world in which everything seems to thwart their efforts.

The Curious Cabaret: This is an experience harking back to vaudeville and silent film in which the characters perform even more amazing feats of juggling to the backing of a 1030s jazz track.

Danny Schlesinger (Circo Ridiculoso)


Danny has performed internationally at clown shows, walkabouts and corporate events. His skills include juggling, balloonary, improvisation and mime, playing the accordion, clarinet and musical saw.

'The Complimentary Compliments Service', is a show in which 3 smartly dressed waiters offer menu of compliments to the public. The chosen compliment is acted out resulting in comic mayhem.

Desperate Men


Desperate Men have written, organized and performed street shows and animations, indoor theatre shows, one-off spectaculars, mini-hijackings, huge community events, experimental commissions, cabarets, brass bands, created live and recorded music, provided corporate workshops and generally stirred things up a bit for over 20 years. Delightful, quirky and brilliant.

Divine Company;

Light Emitting Dance

Flag or ribbon performance combining contemporary dance and rhythmic gymnastics techniques. These costumes can be worn for any of our skills, including stilt performance.


With an inspiring, spectacular score, staged performances can be worked to fit a wide range of performance spaces. All costume can be fitted with bright lights (visible in daylight) but work equally well unlit. These dancers can also appear as a wandering act, performing individually or in unison wearing their own music boxes if required. With a large collection of coloured dresses ready made we can produce similar performance to match any other flag or design imaginable. We have a wide variety of head-dresses, and the costumes include removable detail panels which can be swapped or removed to create a multitude of different looks. We can provide endless variations for these detachable detail panels, e.g. geometric shapes, pom-poms, bows and butterflies or our clients’ logo. - - Colourful and exuberant, this act uses the space and introduces a generous  - -splash of colour and energy

The use of light makes this highly visible, even in full daylight

Gorgeous for making a real impact in any space

Great for outdoor or indoor events


Divine Company;



Arresting, original and spectacular fleet are inspired by the legendary Loie Fuller. These costumes are illuminated by hundreds of blinking points of bright light, and look equally stunning in strong daylight or darkness. They can also be worn on stilts. Optioscopes can appear as a wandering act, performing individually or in unison wearing their own music boxes if required. They can also perform fully choreographed stage shows. As always our shows are arranged to fit the event. We have now included dip dye and detachable detail panels which can be swapped, or removed to create a multitude of different looks. We can provide endless variations for these detachable detail panels, e.g. geometric shapes, pom-poms, bows and butterflies and logos.


    The lights we use are visible even in full daylight

    Unique, memorable and very beautiful

    Groups of identically dressed artists make a statement

    Gorgeous for making a real impact in any space

    Great for outdoor or indoor events


Divine Co; Silver


Our exquisite artists can perform mixed disciplines, for example combining Neoclassical Ballet with gymnastic or contortion performance. These costumes can be worn for any of our skills, including stilt performance. For wandering performance artists can wear portable sound systems or lights if required, and dance in unison or separately. They can also interact, e.g. welcoming and guiding guests, or handing out space age treats. Stage shows can be set on traditional stages and all sorts of other spaces. As always our shows are arranged to fit the event. The clean, contemporary look of these costumes lends itself to added branding and styling.


    The elegant cut of this costume allows the artist to navigate tricky spaces and light to medium winds

    The use of light makes this act highly visible, even in full daylight

    A perfect choice if you want to create a talking point or gentle interaction




Silent Comic, International Stage and Television Artist.

Donimo has been depicted by British critics as a cross between Stan Laurel and Buster Keaton, yet very much his own character, eloquently revealing the essence of the fool, with the pathos and innocence of the child in us all. Donimo believes there is a kind of humour that tickles and lightens the soul of us all, whether young or old. He seeks to capture the spontaneity with hilarious and seemingly accidental genius.

Dot Comedy


Dot Comedy offer a wide variety of installation, walkabout and cabaret comedy routines. These give completely original slants on recognisable everyday situations. Many especially suitable for corporate or seasonal use.

Acts and Installations include:

Autograph hunters, Hook Line and Sinker, The Surrealist Painters and Decorators, The Officials, The Unfit Athlete,

The Misinformation Tent, The Car Boot Sale, The News Desk, The Dig.

Dream State Circus


World renowned, international award winning duo.


Cabaret: Single performances or an entire cabaret show encompassing trapeze, silks, slack rope, acro-balance and juggling.

Fabulous Fez Heads


The Fabulous Fez Heads are England’s Premier Sand Dance Vaudevillian Illusionists carrying on in the tradition of Old "Blind Ned" Cleggett with his famous stage act of the 1920’s and 30’s, and actually starring his Great-Grandson, Pete "the Flying" Cleggett. Under the watchful eye of Father Ken and featuring Keith the Camel, Adonis Kebab and El Turnipo, the Fabulous Fezheads blend a mixture of Dance, Danger and Music that will Astound, Astonish and Amuse.

Fairly Famous Family


Street theatre at its best - witty, original, participative and accessible to a wide audience. There is a selection of shows to suit any occasion. Completely self-contained and a very big crowd puller.

Feeding the Fish


An inspirational vision that has pushed juggling into a fantastic realm of captivating beauty, compelling invention and distinctive technique.

Flux is a highly technical juggling double-act. Synchronised clubs change colour and visual effect in perfect synchronisation with a dramatic soundtrack. Kaleidoscope is a strongly choreographed combination of dance, laser manipulation and Pixel-Poi, performed by three dancers to moving classical-fusion music. Custom programming is available to use your logo on the pixel-poi.

Fraser Hooper


Good all round performer with all round skills, including clowning, juggling and mime. As Strawberry the Clown, his performance is mesmerising and spontaneous. Ideal for corporate functions, festivals, theatre and cabaret.

Fraser comes top with his silent and sensitive gags. His act is very silly, utterly captivating, and reminds you that it’s not what you do but how you do it that is important.

Gary Gifford


Gary and the Bread and Butter Theatre Co offer stupendous street entertainment.

The Space Cadet Show begins with the spectacular landing of Gifted's illuminated space craft. Our lycra-clad hero materialises to the sounds of his very own theme music - bearing strange gifts form far universes.

The Retro TV scene is set as the world's largest portable TV set glides into position. Brian, trusty studio floor manager and award winning tea-boy, enlists the help of the audience to become make-up artists, sound engineers and camera operators.

Gold People


Two shows ideally suited for corporate events, trade fairs, product launches and private functions.

Gold People, Immaculately dressed in white suits with golden skins, create stunning images using high-level mime and statue based performances. Elegant, charming, funny

Sharp Shooters, are slapstick mobsters straight out of the old movies.

Grand Theatre of Lemmings


Inventive and energetic street shows. With a ten year pedigree, they stand out as one of Britain’s most consistently funny, inventive and professional companies. They are not only outstanding stilt walkers with a variety of costumes but also perform shows, including: School for Buskers, Big Book Show, Mechanical Morris Men, Camel Illusion, Giant Guardsmen, The Ostriches, Knight-riders, The Tub Men, and many more ....

Herby Tree Head


Herbie Treehead is a one man entertainment center. Whether you want a juggler, pantomime character or somebody to perform an impossible stunt, Herbie will do it with extreme silliness and in a manner you will never forget. Wonderfully whacky.

Hoop La La


Hula Heroes - Hoop La La transform from normal people into Super Heroes to save the day.


Fitness Fanatics - A comic, upbeat act based on the fun of 80's fitness videos


Bathing Beauties - A 1920's themed act takes you back in time to the seaside


LED Glow Show - Performed in blackout, the light-up hoops will dazzle & amaze


Cabaret Show - Hoop La La are multi-talented performers and their cabaret show includes aerial and acrobat performances.




Incandescence is an exciting Circus Theatre Company who combine acrobatics with superb skill in the air, on stilts and with fire to create energetic and powerful theatrical performances.

Invisible Circus


Dramatic white-clad World Spirit characters. Set as statues they slowly drift into life, awakening into a slow motion dance, mesmerising audiences of all ages with ethereal movements and bubbles before slowly slipping back into frozen motionless sleep. Living sculpture, human statues, robotics, slow-motion and specialised mime, chaos clowns, stilts and fire.

The Invisible Men


The invisible Men's show is  designed for outdoor festivals and events. Their style of improvisation thrives in situations where anything can and does happen and each show is always different. Entirely set to music and sound effects without a spoken word, the show is fast moving and wildly funny, with massive crowd interaction and playful audience participation.

"Breathtakingly refreshing street theatre" – The Guardian

"This disappearing duo has to be seen to be believed!" – Time Out

John Row


John is fascinated by stories from around the World and has spent many years collecting them and making them his own. Describing the art of storytelling he says a story is like a well-loved jacket: "You know it belongs to you when you feel comfortable in it." Asked who his stories are aimed at, he replied: "Children from four to four hundred."

Jonathon Kay


Jonathan Kay is a 21st century Fool. He brings a breath of fresh air whilst his feet are rooted firmly on the ground. Jonathan has refined his foolish work by meeting audiences around the world within their cultures, to create ‘conversations’ that lead to hilarity or introspection in the adventure of Theatre.

Lee Thompson's Pickpockets


Lee’s world Class international Comedy Pick Pocketing act has been performed in front of 1.8 million people over 700 shows in only 18 months for Cirque du Soliel.

Lee is fantastic to watch live, unbelievable misdirection, perfect timing and engages the audience in a performance with Physical comedy and skill that is second-to-none! This fun high impact stage show takes you into the world of the pickpocket, with Lee as the perfect host.

You won’t lose your money, but may lose sleep trying to figure out how he does it! With a twinkle in his eye and a cheeky grin, your possessions will disappear and reappear when you least expect it!

Your guests will find their items have gone in less than 60 seconds! Incredibly all styles of Watches, Wallets, Belts, Cufflinks,Keys, Glasses, Mobile phones, Pocket Contents and even Neck Ties.

Lee’s professionalism and personality instantly puts his audience at ease, and of course every stolen item is returned to it’s rightful owner, to gasps of astonishment, laughter and disbelief.

Jon Hicks


Outsize artworks executed live, stylishly and with vigorous versatility. Performances can be tailored to specific requirements, to a precise client brief or from an artist led idea. Any image executed over minutes, hours or days. Outdoors or indoors, in a variety of media, on a canvas, a car, a pavement, the side of a house, a football pitch or a big mountain.

Kwabana Lindsey


A one-man circus! The versatility and range of his repertoire enables him to adapt the nature of the entertainment to any given place or space.

He has trained in circus skills and combines this with his musical experience to come up with his special style of entertainment.

Performs slack rope, balancing on the rope, whilst playing an Irish jig on the fiddle. He also juggles on the rope while playing the harmonica.

Lenny Stobart


Lenny likes to draw people 'warts and all' - even if they don't have warts. so be prepared to be mocked, because when Lenny draws you he tends to speak his mind, to the amusement of all watching... No one is left in any doubt as to how ugly they are...

...and they get to keep the drawing to prove it.


please note;-

if you don't want your guests insulted, Lenny can also butter them up, and let them down easy...

Les Fifis Farfelous


Les Fifis Farfelous perform a traditional style French Can-Can. It is a show full of feathers, frills, flounces, high-kicking and cartwheels. It is a colourful addition to any event.

The Can-Can alone is 3 minutes long but they also do a 30 minute cabaret which includes flamenco dancing, a chanteuse, the exciting acrobatic Apache dance and a grand finale of the Can-Can.

Los Kaos:


Bjorn & Ursula


Los Kaos have combined natural history, innovative animatronic puppetry and over a decade of experience in interactive performance to bring you Bjorn the Polar Bear, a magical and unforgettable show for people of all ages. Bjorn is a fully animated pod-puppet with a highly skilled (and often very hot!) performer inside operating his movements and facial animations. The polar bear has blinking eyes, a sniffing nose, an opening mouth and also live sounds from our custom built sound equipment.

Polar bear herders Ursula and Arthur are dressed Inuit-style in sumptuous fur costumes. The herders facilitate interaction between the audience and the polar bear as well as giving a fascinating nature documentary style talk on polar bears and their environment and answering questions about their habits and habitat.

Bjorn is incredibly life-like, playful and interactive and audiences are encouraged to not just watch but to stroke and pat him.

To help set the scene he has a specially built inflatable ice sculpture environment.

Los Kaos:


Tiny the Dinosaur


A brand new show suitable for people of all ages, which brings prehistory to life.


A combination of live sound, facial animatronics and extreme puppetry bring our dinosaur to life - she is expressive, interactive and full of character and charm. The dinosaur is accompanied by a palaeontologist who presents a lively and informative natural history show. Audiences are encouraged to ‘get tactile’ with the dinosaur and to have a go at being palaeontologists themselves.

Mike Hancock


Mike has been producing high class comedy shows with magic, music and audience participation for nearly twenty years. He's performed at festivals all over Europe, compered the vast circus tent at Glastonbury and toured comedy clubs all over the country. His performance is based on a strong relationship with the audience as he levitates them, sings with them, woos them with champagne and supper and astonishes them with foolish trickery.

Miss Behave


One of only 2 female sword swallowers in the world, and a world record holder.

Miss Behave evolved, through a gift of the gob, a fascination for mutilation, and a love of heavy metal. She has transformed her unpleasant habits into skills, such as fire-eating, stapling, piercing, insect munching, cigar stubbing, contortion and bed of nails.

Nik Robson


Nik Robson is a young multi talented artist who's skills entertain across all ages. His performances include crystal ball manipulation, balloon modelling, juggling, stilt-walking and roller-skating in various themed costumes, and his act involving a number of trick and BMX bikes.

Nik's acts are very interactive and he is one of the most committed performers on the circuit.

Nuevo Flamenco


Steve Homes is one of the leading exponents of modern flamenco music outside Spain. With wit, artist, dancer and choreographer, Juliet Aster, they form the 'Nuevo Flamenco Dance Company' . The company takes flamenco dance to new frontiers, combining contemporary, jazz and oriental influences with the dynamism and soul of flamenco rhythm.



An innovative cross-art form in which a remote controlled masterpiece of pneumatics and sculptural engineering all but steals the show. Never do the audience view it as anything but real as it canters around the stage.

"The full sized horse has to be seen to be believed: it is an extraordinary junk-metal creation with moving parts and it exudes the thrilling and terrifying power of real flesh and blood".

Lyn Gardner

Paper Magic


Paper Magic is an intriguing performance of Origami with a magical twist! Steve amazes people of all ages by producing with just a fold and snip delightful paper creations. This exquisite blend of Magical Creativity and Dexterity is suitable for occasions ranging from Barmitzvahs, Conventions, Corporate Events, Dinner Parties, Hospitality Rooms, Product Launches and Team Building Days. Steve and Megumi are authors of many books on origami and are acknowledged as amongst the world's top experts

Also from Paka..   Elsie Dragon: an Exploration into Fantasy and Control


’ I have found with my horse work that people always want to have a go at controlling it. With the dragon this will be possible if people are both inquisitive and collaborative.’


Designed to be interactive in control... Elsie offers the public a chance to control its own fantasy creature. Elsie dragon is:

• An Interactive Animatronic sculpture. She is 7.5 meters long with a 6 meter wing span. Set on a stage space with a surrounding safety barrier.

• Although static in placement she moves extensively: from flapping, folding wings to a snapping mouth, craning neck and flicking tail.

• The whole system can be controlled through a central control board by an experienced operator. It can however also be controlled by the public via pods of switches positioned on the perimeter safety barrier.

• An inquisitive and collaborative group of audience can achieve the same level of movement as the experienced operator. It is also possible for the operator to interact with the public in creating movement.

• Elsie also has a propane gas fire system. Spitting fire as any self respecting dragon should: this combines with a DMX controlled flame system running down her spine and lighting her from the front and sides.

• She of course breaths Smoke...

• The environment is set to music and light.


We can offer 2 or 3 dramatic and fiery displays per day by trained operatives, the rest of the time the dragon can be controlled by the audience if they work together. It becomes interactive in a new way...

Rod Laver


Rod Laver is a master with balls, as the world record breaking master of oral ping pong juggling.

He is one of the funniest and most innovative jugglers, having performed on TV, variety and circus around the world.

He is as clever as he is amusing, and tells jokes and deals with hecklers with several ping pong balls in his mouth. Very funny and entertaining.

 R J Ride Guide


RJ Ride Guide is a professional team of fully trained mountain bike trick riders who specialise in Entertainment Shows providing an Extreme Mountain Bike Show with a difference. Their shows consist of some of the most talented riders in the UK , including Rich Johnson, as seen on TV programmes such as Blue Peter, Extreme Sports Channel, Britain's Got Talent and has headlined events for Tour De France London , Motor Show, MPH Top Gear Show and many County Shows throughout the UK. Rich Johnson is not just a talented trials rider but also a phenomenal entertainer with the easy banter of a stand-up comedian, combined technique with superb showmanship with some truly jaw-dropping tricks and manoeuvres., wowing crowds with massive jumps, hops, balancing skills, and tricks. Not only does he perform cycling miracles, he dramatizes them as he rides them. If you think you’ve seen trials demos, think again. Rich is radio-miked up through the entire show, talking eager spectators through the intricacies of each trick, while the RJ Ride Guide's crew deliver a pumping soundtrack and showers the crowd with FREE merchandise. Also available as an extreme educational road safety show.

Stickleback Plasticus


Stickleback Plasticus combine physical comedy and absurd caricatures with sharp wit and blunt satire. Sequinned to the hilt and ready to Rumba, these smooth groovers will seduce your senses with a comical array of classic routines. They ignore all the rules of ballroom etiquette as they glide through unsuspecting crowds, leaving behind a trail of chaos & hysteria. Acts include:

Carmen "Meander" and her maracas player, Red and Randy - Line dancers, Yvonne and Barry - Ballroom dancers, and Sherry and Terry - Cheerleaders.



Gaiety Engine:

A Victorian sideshow where an ordinary looking gypsy caravan is transformed into an extravagant stage. A host of human oddities! A menagerie of misfits!

Stuff and Things


A selection of acts from a company who take great pride in presenting sublime, quirky, and unique work. Shows include:

Edmond Tahl:

Edmond accidentally finds himself trapped in a perpendicular world of absurdity, where the bizarre is always close on his heels. Amidst a reality of swarming angry bees, spaghetti western gun fights, alarm bells, improbably large monsters, ringing telephones, crashing glass, low flying helicopters, packs of hunting hounds, squeaky prams etc etc…. he attempts to keep his composure.

Carpet Man and Lino Boy:

Having lived through the colossal highs and the bottomless lows of the retail carpet trade, Carpet Man has seen the future of fashion. Drawing on the skills of the family’s most resourceful nephew – Lino Boy - Carpet Man and his side kick proudly present their astounding couture creations to the world, fresh from the ‘Garden Shed Studio’.

Futter's Child:

Gothic slaphead Futter finds himself a teensy bit out of his depth when he's left minding the baby in this highly original comedy walkabout.


Take a peek beyond the ordinary and unwrap the riddle of the workaday world as audiObscura pops the lid on the conventional. Have you ever wondered why a post box doesn't smile ? …what is it that park benches do to relax ? …do the drains just go with the flow ? …and have the trees been acting shady lately ?



Titan the Robot is an entertainment concept unlike anything on earth and is utilised by event management companies worldwide to add something very special any festival, corporate party or as the ultimate in shopping mall entertainment. Titan is always very popular at festivals, trade shows, shopping centres, not to mention Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas events.


Titan’s unique blend of comedy, street theatre and music creates a show unrivalled in the world today and has lead him to appear on TV shows such as Big Brother, Daybreak and the Gadget Show as well as popping up at many prestigious events including the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix and the UK premier of iRobot and Real Steel. Titan has also worked alongside superstars including Rihanna , Will Smith and Jackie Chan and has travelled the world with appearances in countries such as USA, Dubai, China, Vietnam and Thailand.

Voodoo Vaudeville


Voodoo Vaudeville can provide a full 'cabaret artistique' show; a mixture of new burlesque, contemporary dance and cruel cabaret and also offer several short dance-based performance pieces which work as installations or in a cabaret setting. Voodoo Vaudeville provide visual spectacle, musical and comedy walkabout characters and acts to animate art events ranging from junk percussionists The Clatteratti, through Formula Fun (a walkabout pit-stop team) to Madsarmy (recruiting officers), St Trinians Day Out and Battiballet (drum/ballet trio).

What a Palaver


What A Palaver!! are a comedy / specialty / circus / cabaret / street theatre kind of double act. They have an extensive repertoire of shows and routines, involving juggling, fire-eating, the bed of nails, uni-cycling and stilt-walking; from 10 minutes to an hour and a half; cabaret or street theatre; suitable for all ages and any occasion with plenty of audience participation.

Themed events include: Medieval, Tudor, Pirate, Roman, Victorian, Edwardian, Caribbean, Arabian, Viking, 1970s.

Wet Picnic


Time For Tea:

Modern daily life is full of hectic stresses and strains. Everybody needs to take some time out, have a rest, share a moment and celebrate the simple things in life. The Tea Ladies sweep through the streets to supply an explosive and surreal teatime for everyone to enjoy! Your taste buds will be tingling at the sight of this eccentric ensemble who are as fabulous and fruity as the cake they eat.

With tantalising tricks, trolley dancing, a glimpse into the delightfully dark world of tea-leaf reading and surprise visitors, teatime is now the gateway to adventure, joy and release! And all this topped off with a celebratory tea service.