events consultant and co-ordinator



Fantastic Hula Hooping from Angie, and lots of audience participation!



Inspired by the spectacular 'Venice Carnevale' - Anonymous has created a unique style of Living statues. The enigmatic Venetian mask forms the focus of our contemporary costumes, which offer a stunning and highly visual impact, and are exclusive to Anonymous.

 'Meet & Greet' for guests at all types of events, subtly blending 'stillness' with elegant movement, our enchanting 'Statues' offer a dramatic and truly atmospheric tableau.


Also available; Fairies, The Mermaid and dramatic Water Nymphs, classy & sophisticated Art Deco statues & Eliza Doolittle



Ideal for street events and children’s parties:

Kids love balloons and are fascinated by a simple balloon being turned into a crazy creature! Balloonatic don’t just make dogs and swords they can make anything!


Corporate events:

For black tie events and sit down dinners Balloonatic can mingle with guests in the reception area and go table to table creating caricatures of the guests, corsages for the ladies and arm buddies.


Exhibitions, showcases:

You want to get someone into your stand and stay for a while? What better way than having an amazing Balloonatic inside, people love balloons and they always want to go home with something great. Balloonatic can tailor make models to help promote your business.

Barnaby Gibbons


Barnaby's solo 35 minute show will leave you dumbfounded. From the moment he arrives as a giant fly, in terminal dive, the pace never slows. A mixture of acrobatics, mime and puppetry, it ranges from the bizarre through the hilarious to the truly extraordinary.

Wet Picnic


Time For Tea:

Modern daily life is full of hectic stresses and strains. Everybody needs to take some time out, have a rest, share a moment and celebrate the simple things in life. The Tea Ladies sweep through the streets to supply an explosive and surreal teatime for everyone to enjoy! Your taste buds will be tingling at the sight of this eccentric ensemble who are as fabulous and fruity as the cake they eat.

With tantalising tricks, trolley dancing, a glimpse into the delightfully dark world of tea-leaf reading and surprise visitors, teatime is now the gateway to adventure, joy and release! And all this topped off with a celebratory tea service.

Bob & Bob Jobbins


Bob and Bob Jobbins are perhaps best known for their love of Heath Robinson machinery, but have now combined technology and strong comic characters. The visual impact is completely different to anything else on the circuit and they are completely flexible.

Walkabout include the gliding musical Santa, the miniature fire engine, a pirate ship, gliding headmaster, Bishop and Air Ace. They also do children's workshops.

Brink of distinction


Great characters to make your event go with a swing


Perfect Poise - turning jelly balancing into an art form, Giant garden gnomes, Enormous penguins.

Bureau of Silly Ideas (BOSI)


BOSI create inspired madness and controlled chaos in the public realm.


With a true belief in the power of silliness, they make engaging installations, superb shows and surprising interventions which bring magic to the mundane and encourage people to look at the everyday in new ways.


You can commission them to create an installation or performance as part of your festival or event, or simply pick from their range of ready to book silliness!


Champagne Fauns from Neil Hughes


Neil Hughes is the UK's multi award winning body artist and sculptural costumer. He uses make-up, prosthetics and sculptural costume on specialist performers to create his striking art for public or private events and film, TV and theatre productions.


The Champagne Fauns and Champagne hosts are an ideal platform for promoting an unforgettable business or product; equally at home at a champagne reception or outdoor wonderland.

Captivating and unique, the faun and queen hosts transform any environment into one with an air of other-worldly wonder. Functioning perfectly as waiters, hosts, greeters or entertainers they make an unforgettable addition to the party. Clothed in ravishing white fur, matching leather kilts, silk corsets and light up tutus combined with industry leading make-up and prosthetics these hosts are truly fantastical.

Cherry on Top


Rollergirls - Smooth and confident roller skaters are an electrifying addition to your event. Up to 6 performers available.


Costumes include: Santas, Disco Divas, Showgirls, Bunnies, Pink Fairies and Polk Dot Girls.

Creature Encounter


As a child did you imagine daring adventures in far flung lands with magical companions and magnificent steeds? Creature encounter present Fox & Otter, Hairy Chairs, Flying Carpets, Storytelling Cart, Sqawk, Goblins, The Snow Family, The Penguins, Giant Punch & Judy and Epico the Dragon.


Epic puppetry, iconic characters, inspired performance!

Desperate Men


Desperate Men have written, organized and performed street shows and animations, indoor theatre shows, one-off spectaculars, mini-hijackings, huge community events, experimental commissions, cabarets, brass bands, created live and recorded music, provided corporate workshops and generally stirred things up a bit for over 20 years.


Delightful, quirky and brilliant.

Dot Comedy


Dot Comedy's walkabout shows include: News Desk: Top TV anchormen and news pundits report LIVE from a street near you.

The Officials:

Three football referees who will transform any event into a cup final. Expect loads of red and yellow cards, random stud checks, and all manner of football related tomfoolery.

Unfit Athletes:

Three very unfit athletes cough, wheeze, splutter and stagger their way on a fun run from hell.

The autograph Hunters:

This gang of star-struck anoraks can spot a celebrity in any crowd – even when there aren’t any


Other creations include: Half Naked Chef, AAA Recyclists, Changing Streets, Boot Sale, Peter & Jane Family, Soundcheck and The Why?s


Fair Play


Fair Play have performed shows and walkabout characters at street theatre festivals, cabarets and corporate events across Europe, America and the Middle East.


Walkabout entertainment featuring:

Ron and Don, Christmas Elves Complete with their 'Goodometer', Intergalactic Headonists, Sheik and Vic, Rambling On, Fairly Fresh Fish Co, Notional Trust and Sports Guides.

The Flying Buttresses


Hodman Dodmanott & Sally Forth are an engaging pair of walkabout characters, they have emerged from centuries of sheltered existence to seek their fortunes with their worldly possessions on their backs. The find themselves in a 21st century full of bustle and confusion.


This endearing pair are of course puppets operated by full-sized puppeteers inside the baggage, but they are convincingly human in their reactions to the crowds that surround and puzzle them.

Gary Gifford and the Bread and Butter Theatre Co



Gary and the Bread and Butter Theatre Co offer truly stupendous street entertainment.


Gifted the Space Cadet, Sports Day, DJ Booth, Green Fingered Folk, Crocodile Hunters, Lord of the Bins, Pirates of Men's Pants and much more.

Gracie Spoon


Gracie blows in on the north wind pedaling stories & dreams from the four corners of the globe, Woven through with the irresistible sparkle of classic close up magic...

Gracie the Itinerant Wordsmith, Magician or Petit Mercier - descended from a long line of Pedlar Women or Notion Nannies - iconic female figures who roamed the country with baskets brimming with tiny crafts, also bringing with them stories, magic and news of the unknown...A magical little world of a show.

Grand Theatre of Lemmings


Inventive and energetic street shows. With a ten year pedigree, the Grand Theatre of Lemmings stand out as one of Britain’s most consistently funny, inventive and professional companies. They are not only outstanding stilt walkers with a variety of costumes but also perform shows. They have recently taken on two young stilt-walkers to work with them, called Chameleon.

Chameleon perform the "Rhythm Warriors" and "the Bath men" a large stilt illusion with butlers carrying two eccentric gentlefolk in an old style bath.

Combined larger scale options include all four performers.

Girl du Bois


Girl du Bois bring the authentic sound of Paris to cabaret. This duet of french frivolity entertain and delight with accordion accompanied chansons that will surely sauce up any show with plenty of oo la la.

Their walkabout is designed to serve up a menu of songs to serenade passers by as they transport a likely couple to a café table for two.

Larkin' About


Larkin' About specialise in comedy characters which combine high levels of skill and original ideas to create memorable street theatre. The characters have all been created with great attention to detail.


Recent characters incorporate Electroglide to give a complete new dimension to event characters. The latest are scary ghosts, lovable angels, impressive Tritons and the fantastic Grannies.

Lee Thompson


Lee’s world Class international Comedy Pick Pocketing act has been performed in front of 1.8 million people over 700 shows in only 18 months for Cirque du Soliel.

Lee is fantastic to watch live, unbelievable misdirection, perfect timing and engages the audience in a performance with Physical comedy and skill that is second-to-none! This fun high impact stage show takes you into the world of the pickpocket, with Lee as the perfect host.

You won’t lose your money, but may lose sleep trying to figure out how he does it! With a twinkle in his eye and a cheeky grin, your possessions will disappear and reappear when you least expect it!

Your guests will find their items have gone in less than 60 seconds! Incredibly all styles of Watches, Wallets, Belts, Cufflinks,Keys, Glasses, Mobile phones, Pocket Contents and even Neck Ties.

Lee’s professionalism and personality instantly puts his audience at ease, and of course every stolen item is returned to it’s rightful owner, to gasps of astonishment, laughter and disbelief.

Los Kaos


Best known for their large fabulous beasts, Los Kaos now bring us Felix & Felix - The only penny farthing stunt riding identical twins in the business!

Mark Mark


From their roots in Street Theatre they have developed our own style of Commedia (panto/farce), giving a broad appeal across a wide age range.

The productions are funny and original high quality entertainment for all kinds of audiences. They involve music, circus skills, slap-stick and a lot of very dodgy jokes.

Their shows are ideal for street theatre, festivals, outdoor events and cabaret. They can also undertake special commissions.

Mark Tate


Mark Tate's Flume is an alien sea monkey who's ship just happened to crash on the sunny shores of Australia! Hence his rather unusual and ear-splitting Aussie twang.


Culturally, he's not very adept but is on the search to find love and sanctions the help of all those he encounters to help him on his quest.


Medieval Beggars & Victorian Pickpockets


The Medieval Beggars & the Victorian Pickpockets are highly interactive comic roving street characters.


They aim to bring a sense of playfulness, fun and lightness to any event.

They are a couple of likely lads with a cheeky, cheery nature who dream of the high life.

Mime The Gap


Mime The Gap (Richard Knight) has been performing internationally as a mime artist for over 15 years and has studied mime and movement for 7 years.


In that time he was taught by the late, great, french mime and movement teacher Jacques Lecoq and has won three major awards.


Acts include: Dickens, Doormen, Royal Footmen, Zombies, Charlie Chaplin and Court Jesters

Mischief La-Bas


Provocative and highly amusing. Scotland’s premiere street theatre company.


Mischief La-Bas is a performance company that specialises in an interactive style of walkabout theatre. The company generally uses two to ten performers, although for parades and large-scale events a team of up to forty are sometimes employed.





Italo wants to make some money. He’s got ideas, a pocketful of tutti-frutti and a street organ he bought on ebay. What he doesn’t have is a cooperative monkey. Will she play? Will she dance? Will this monkey ever get funky?

Nakupelle’s new show is part slapstick, part Italian Commedia, classic European Street Theatre and a bit of the Animal Channel.


The Trap

A plan, a man, a plant. Technology and nature do battle with an unlucky fool caught in the middle. Sublime slapstick and poetic pratfalls, mad music, peculiar props and hilarious physical comedy.


Bon Appetit!
This mad comic catches fruits & vegetables on his face. Trying to open the wine he ends up in a one-arm handstand on top of the bottle. It's culinary slapstick, challenging and enchanting the audience with food for thought and laughter for the belly.

Deep down in folds of fabric something stirs & suddenly they appear - two mysterious and curious characters who engage the audience with their goofy vulnerability & mischievous play. Part mask performance, part puppet show, baggies combines beautiful masks with ingenious use of movement & costume to create a comic and poetic performance.

“... the simple and gentle beauty of Baggies was confirmation of the quality of the company.” Jonathan Holloway, Festival Director - National Theater - London, England

The Natural Theatre Co


The Natural Theatre Co provides superb and unique entertainment which creates an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity.


They do not do "shows" but populate an area with teams of immaculately turned out characters acting out a hilarious scenario.



Paka's horse is a full size (17 hands) robotic horse assembled from assorted machine parts and scrap metal. It does about all a real horse does, it moves, turns, reverses, whines, rears and even breathes fire. An extraordinary junk-metal creation with the thrilling and terrifying power of real flesh and blood. Truly futuristic performance artistry.


Paka now also has a giant flaming Dragon.



The Vegetable Nannies

Wheeling an ancient Victorian Pram laden with a prized collection of vegetables, the Nannies are out for the day, showing off their allotment cherubs and telling many a tale, like every proud parent would.

Audiences are able to befriend, pet, feed & comfort all manner of earthen toddlers, such as Magnus the ambitious downhill-racing watermelon, Jessica the award winning sweet potato beauty queen & even David, the talented little marrow whose ambition is to become a stage actor.


The Microscopic Animal Enthusiasts

A cross between Indiana Jones and David Bellamy, these animal lovers are on a mission of miniature proportions.

Hauling a trolley of Microscopic specimens and sporting many a magnifying glass, they invite you to witness the things living beneath your feet that you’d never know were there, such as the Macunian Pavement Weevil, the Lumblut Chiddler Lizard, Gargantuan Snazztacklers and more!


The Troll's Kitchen

A Troll has been sighted so the Chefs have been summoned, for a hungry troll is trouble, especially if you have pets! In a bid to keep him well fed and untroubled, the chefs are cooking him a banquet. The public are invited to forage for ingredients before preparing a meal from the cock-and-bull-cook-book. Repugnant stews, rancid cup cakes, putrid smoothies, and mangy salads are the order of the day, so roll up your sleeves and ready, steady, cook!

Stuff 'n' things


Carpet Man and Lino Boy

Visionary fashion gurus Carpet Man and Lino Boy bring their inimitable 21st Century couture creations to the catwalk of the pavements.

Having lived through the colossal highs and the bottomless lows of the retail carpet trade, Carpet Man has seen the future of fashion. Drawing on the skills of the family’s most resourceful nephew – Lino Boy - Carpet Man and his side kick proudly present their astounding couture creations to the world, fresh from the ‘Garden Shed Studio’.


The Thinker

Vernon is the man who poses more questions than he answers, and having seen off the second millennium, he boldly plods forth into the 21st Century with quiet(ish) determination – an enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in a sweet wrapper – Werthers Original, or minty Polo anyone? An elderly everyman, our humble hero single-handedly whittles away at the truth behind the superstructure of existence.


The Lost Funeral

Ernest Potts & Reginald Fowler - two incompetent, irreverent and yet excessively charming undertakers - are en route to a funeral service. In accordance with the last wishes of the deceased, they transport their coffin via some of the deceased's favourite haunts for one last visit. All is, however, not entirely as it seems…... The duo have become hopelessly lost - not helped by their incorrect map, spinning compass and broken sextant – and they have been separated from the rest of the mourners.


Also Futters Child, AudiObscura, Edmond Tahl, and the Gits.





The2Men is a collaboration of the minds of two very silly men who ought to know better! Putting on their costumes transforms them into the characters with hilarious results. They like to be as loud and ridiculous as possible so that they attract attention over large areas for their impromptu walkabout performances.


They will seize any opportunity to interact with people and draw them into their playful parodies! All themed characters combine carefully choreographed and rehearsed pieces and the always unexpected delights of improvising with whatever situations they may encounter.


The2Men are Anton Mackman and Dave Solo. Both have been involved in street theatre and other outdoor and indoor performance for over 20 years

Theatre of Adventure


Organ Zola:

Organ Zola and Friends is highly adaptable street theatre combining comedy characters, music visual theatre and an organ on wheels.

Waste Warriors and the Evolution Booth


Percussion Monkeez:

Street theatre featuring musical storytelling for children and grown ups on the Marvelous Percussion Tree played by the Percussion Monkees

Whalley Range All Stars


They lighten up dull corners, activate the grey matter and bring audiences to life.

They create comic/mysterious theatre and events which stick in the memory.

They combine animated objects, sculptural costumes and mechanical puppets.

With over ten years of experience producing exciting, unusual theatre for mainly outdoor and occasionally indoor events.


Shows include: Compostmentis, Pig, Imaginary Friends and Brainwave.



"For Rimski, life has many dilemmas, solo or duet? church or cabaret? ruin or fame? hell.....or Swindon? One thing is certain: he has a long way to go on the piano."



A roving piano - and pianist! Now with lights for dark evenings!